Infrastructure as a Meetup

We are Testers, SysAdmins, DBAs, Ops, DevOps, Managers, Devs,... who meet every 3 months to discuss DevOps things. We adore talking about growing a culture as a base for a DevOps mindset. And of course, we love to talk about technical stuff like Containers, Docker, Ansible, Salt, Linux, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, Kubernetes,...

IaaM Manifesto

Discussion over Monologue
Coding over Presentation
Being focused over growth
Being nice over being not nice

Next Meetup

2019-11-06T18:00:00+01:00 @ tractive my_location

NO AGENDA - We'll do an Un-Meetup

You have a technical problem related to our focus?
You solved a problem in our domain?
You gained experience in a topic of our interest?
You figured out how to explain DevOps in less than 20 words?

Please share your knowledge with us.

How it works
Prepare your talk / discussion. It can last 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes. At the beginning we will do a voting and decide our agenda.

Currently the following topics are on the table:

Building Docker Images - A Deep Dive - Martin Ahrer

Done Meetups

2019-07-03T18:00:00+02:00 @ my_location

What is keptn, how it works and how to get started! - Andreas Grimmer
Concourse - Make CI/CD suck less - Florian Arthofer
Chinafy your apps + Lessons you can steal from China - Adam Cogan

2019-04-10T18:00:00+02:00 @ smarter ecommerce my_location

Infra on hard mode -> Running Kubernetes on Mac Hardware at scale - Carmen Hernández Andoh
Build your own pod - Florian Arthofer
KNative getting started - Hubert Ströbitzer

2019-01-30T18:00:00+01:00 @ factory300 my_location

Why we switched to GCloud? - Thomas Einwaller
Security Tools in Kubernetes - Hubert Ströbitzer
Cloud Foundry BOSH - Florian Arthofer

2018-10-03T18:00:00+02:00 @ my_location

Istio in Action - Peter Malina
GitOps with Weave Flux - Thomas Einwaller
The Why of Golang - Markus Zimmermann
Getting Serverless on K8s with Knative - Hubert Ströbitzer

2018-06-28T18:00:00+02:00 @ dynatrace my_location

Kubernetes Workshop - Markus Zimmermann

2018-04-05T18:00:00+02:00 @ smarter ecommerce my_location

Getting started with Kubernetes - Markus Zimmermann
Docker in the Microsoft Universe - Rainer Stropek

2018-02-07T18:00:00+01:00 @ my_location

NewRelic APM - Mathias Aichinger
CI/CD in GCP - Hubert Ströbitzer

2017-09-27T18:00:00+02:00 @ factory300 my_location

Jenkins Pipelines - Aleksandar Djurdjic
Docker Multi-Stage Builds - Thomas Einwaller
Monitoring Hot / Flop - Johann Hubert Sonntagbauer
Prometheus - Hubert Ströbitzer
Ansible Best Practices - Johann Hubert Sonntagbauer

2017-06-28T18:00:00+02:00 @ smarter ecommerce my_location

My Docker journey - Thomas Einwaller
Continuous Delivery with GitLab and Docker - Matthias Braun
DevOps Questionnaire - Hubert Ströbitzer
Unikernels - Johann Hubert Sonntagbauer

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